Alma The Super Hero

Alma stood up on the bed and started jumping.

“I is Alma and I is a super star! And today… I is Alma and I is a super hero! I may saves da Honey Bees or maybe… I can gets toilet paper back on da shelves! Dere’s so many things dat I could do… I think I’ll start by…”

I interrupted her… “I have an idea of where to start, Alma.”

She stopped jumping and looked at me contently. “You do, Mommy?,” she asked.

“Oh, yes…” I said… “Super heroes keep their rooms nice and tidy! You could clean your room today.”

“Mommy, didn’t you hear me?! I. Is. Alma. And I is. A. Super star. And super stars not have to clean their rooms! I is only pretending to be a super hero! Duh!”

Alma saves the world.

Published by adventureswithalma

I’m Alma’s mom. A Doll collector, writer, and miniaturist.

8 thoughts on “Alma The Super Hero

    1. Hehe Alma knows best, right? 😂
      If everyone only had someone to pick up after them… 😂 I wish! LOL


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