Alma the Sneak

“Wow! Wook at all da presents! These is all for me?” Alma asked.

“They sure are! But, your birthday isn’t until the 21st. You can’t open them just yet.”

“Mommy! Dat isn’t fair. Dey just sit there and stare at me! Dey want me to open them!” She huffed as she climbed into bed.

Alma waited for me to leave once I tucked her in, and she crept back out of her bed. 

She sat on the floor, and pulled the bags closer to her… Carefully removing each piece of tissue paper, and laying it on the floor.

“I’ll just has a peek, and if I puts everything back just wike it was… Mommy will never know!”

Thank you, Amy (and Tommy 😉), for the adorable little miniature presents. ❤️

Published by adventureswithalma

I’m Alma’s mom. A Doll collector, writer, and miniaturist.

2 thoughts on “Alma the Sneak

  1. Are you gonna forget what’s in them so you can act surprised on your birthday, Alma? Coco and Chanel say if you peek you have to give them away, preferably to them. LOL xxx

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