Alma Takes Lessons From Max

“Max… Why is you digging your food in the ground? Does it taste better that way?” “Woof!” barked Max. “In that case… I will digs my cupcake in the ground, and keeps it there until I wants one again….” Alma paused. Max stood there wagging his tail understanding every word. Alma began again…. “Then whenContinue reading “Alma Takes Lessons From Max”

Alma’s Recital

DING! BOOM! BANG! CLANG! DING! DING! I had heard this noise all day. Alma has been practicing for her recital. She has been very displeased that it had to be postponed due to school still not being in session. “MOMMY! MOMMMMM-YYYYY!” yelled Alma. Up the stairs I went… I knew better than to keep herContinue reading “Alma’s Recital”

Alma Plans A Picnic

“Today is a good day for a picnic, Mommy. I thinks we should has cake.” “What kind of cake?”, I asked Alma. “Maybe chocolate.” “Okay, I can make chocolate.” “Or… maybe stwawberry…Or Wed Velvet.” “Okay, which would you prefer?” “Let me thinks about it, Mommy.” Alma sat in silence, and I could tell she wasContinue reading “Alma Plans A Picnic”