Alma Mows The Yard

“MOMMY! MOM….MMMYY!! Come here!!” “Okay, Alma, I’m coming!” I stopped gardening, and stood up and brushed off my hands. “What is it?,” I asked. “My popper is broken,” said Alma. “What do you mean?” She pushed the popper over the grass. Pop…Pop…Pop… “See… it’s broken.” “I hear it popping. It’s not broken,” I insisted. “YesContinue reading “Alma Mows The Yard”

Alma Goes To The Grocery Store

The stores are out of everything. Paper towels and toilet paper…Pasta and canned goods… But Alma found Jelly beans and Mac and Cheese… So she filled the cart. “Groceries and more groceries…Only the necessities,” Alma smirked. “Mommy says we won’t be coming out for a while, and everything is closing. She said there is aContinue reading “Alma Goes To The Grocery Store”