Alma Has a Sleepover

At firsts… I thought I is seeing double.

Den… I reawized dis was just Suzy Q.

Dere is not two of me. I did nots multipwy.

Suzy Q is my fwiend, and she came to visit me so Mommy could give her a mani pedi.

We had wots of fun. We gots to stay in da Glamper. We told SkewwyKane dat we gives her Candy Canes if we cans stay in da glamper. It worked. Now… the glamper is mine….

Forever. 😂❤️

Alma’s Green Thumb

Mommy says she has a green thumb.

Her thumbs are not green.

I checked.

She said it has something to do wiff her pwanting.

But everything she pwants… well, it doesn’t bloom. Well, it does, but it takes a wong time.

Mommy says it takes patience. I has patience.

Whatever dat is. I’m sure I has it.

I pwanted dis mushroom. It has a ting in da bottom, and I stucks it in da dirt.

It weally isn’t dat hard, and I doesn’t understand why Mommy says it’s so hard and takes so long. Dis took no time.

Now I can pway wiff toys.