Alma Plays in the Rain

Mommy says “don’t play in your good clothes, Alma. Play in your play clothes” but when you is Alma… All your clothes is play clothes because you plays all da time! 😂

Mommy says “don’t get your new outfit dirty, Alma Louise! You have to wear that out.” But it’s q-u-a-r-a-n-t-i-n-e, and we nots go anywhere anyway. Dat means dis outfit is fine to pway in.

I chooses my outfits carefuwwy! I makes sure it reawwy shows da dirt.

Mommy says “Alma! Dis stain will never come out!”

But dats just silly! A little dirt never hurted no body!

Alma Waits for Fireworks

Alma couldn’t wait for the fireworks to begin. She’d been waiting all day.

Every five minutes, she’d ask her Nonnie and me to take her outside to see if they’d started yet.

I told her that once they started, they’d be very loud, and she said “not worry, Mommy. I holds Nonnie’s hand.”

Alma Gets Her Ducks in a Row

Mommy was talking to my Nonnie earlier. She said she needs a vacation.

I know she means Disney World, becuz dats da only place to vacation. Duh.

Then I heard Mommy say dat she needs to get her ducks in a row.

So…I showed her how!

I said “It’s easy, Mommy….Take da first step, and da duckies follow!”