Alma The Cookie Monster

Alma came hopping down the stairs.

“Mommy, is you baking cookies? Does I smell cookies? Can I has just one now?”

“Dinner’s almost done, Baby, and these need to cool,” I said.

“I is going to play wiff Max, Mommy!” She yelled as she bolted out the door.

“Catch me if you can, MAX! I bet you can’t! I is too fast! I is super star fast!” giggled Alma.

Max jumped up and down. “Woof, woof!” He barked.

“Woof, woof, too, Max!,” said Alma, “You is da bestest fwiend a girl could ever asks for. I woof you, Max!”

They played and played until they both tired out. “You hungry, Max? Got any cookies at your house?”

“Woooooof!” Barked max!

“Okay, lead da way!,” Said Alma!

Alma Makes a Visit

It’d been storming all day, but finally, the storm was over.

The sun was coming out, and the clouds were going away.

The flowers had been watered, and now it was a beautiful, sunny day!

“MAX! MAX! Max, is you home?! Da storm is over, and you can comes out now! Do you wanna’ come over and pway?!” Alma asked.

She leaned down, and knocked on his dog house. “It’s me, Max. It’s Alma! Alma Louise! Come outside! Come outside, and pway wiff me, pwease!”

Alma Places An Order

It’s been a long day, and an even longer month. We never leaves the house, and Mommy says everything is still closed.

No toy stores, no restaurants, and definitely no Chuck E. Cheese, which is most saddening of all, because I really wants a pizza…

So, I twied to call the president and even the CDC, but no one will answer me.

I think that maybe, just maybe, my little phone is broken.

“MOMMY! Why does my phone not work? I needs to make a call!”

“You can use mine, Alma! I don’t mind at all,” I said.

And it was just a few short minutes later when there was a knock at the door.

There stood a pizza delivery man.

He must have the wrong house, I thought. I did not order a pizza.

He opened the box, and he showed me what was inside.

“As requested,” he said, “there’s extra cheese.”

“I… I didn’t order a pizza,” I said, “and I didn’t order extra cheese.”

“Ma’am,” said the pizza delivery man, “Are you not Alma Louise?”

A Is For Alma

I is being homeschooled since schools are still closed. Mommy is a pretty good teacher.

She gave me dese fwashcards dat are A-Z.

I is learning my letters and how to wead.

I know A is the first letter in da alphabet, and A is for Alma!

That means A is da best letter in the alphabet. 😂

If you’d like your own set of tiny flash cards, you can purchase them here. (I can make them in any size, so if this size doesn’t work for you, send me a message.) ❤️