Alma Takes Lessons From Max

“Max… Why is you digging your food in the ground? Does it taste better that way?”

“Woof!” barked Max.

“In that case… I will digs my cupcake in the ground, and keeps it there until I wants one again….” Alma paused.

Max stood there wagging his tail understanding every word.

Alma began again…. “Then when I asks Mommy if I can has another sweet and she say no… I has one ready to eat and it be even better dan before!”

Alma’s Recital


I had heard this noise all day. Alma has been practicing for her recital.

She has been very displeased that it had to be postponed due to school still not being in session.

“MOMMY! MOMMMMM-YYYYY!” yelled Alma.

Up the stairs I went… I knew better than to keep her waiting.

“MOMMY! Well, Hewwo! What a surprise! You is early! Has a seat next to Wormy. He not bite.”

I giggled looking at the big mess she’d made.

“MOMMY! I said has a seat next to Wormy! I is ready to start!”

So, next to Wormy I sat.

“HIT IT, MAX!” she said.

“Woof, woof, woof!” barked Max.

“1, 2, …. 1, 2, 3, 4” sang Alma.





“Okay,” said Alma with a very pleased look on her face, “I is done. You can clap now.”

Alma Plans A Picnic

“Today is a good day for a picnic, Mommy. I thinks we should has cake.”

“What kind of cake?”, I asked Alma.

“Maybe chocolate.”

“Okay, I can make chocolate.”

“Or… maybe stwawberry…Or Wed Velvet.”

“Okay, which would you prefer?”

“Let me thinks about it, Mommy.”

Alma sat in silence, and I could tell she was deep in thought.

“Okay,” she said. “I mades a decision.”

“What did you decide?”

“I decides that we will has them all.”

I giggled. “Alma, we can’t have all those cakes.”

“Sure we cans, Mommy! You asked me to decide and I is! Remember when you told me to choose one toy, and I couldn’t, so we got them both?”

I knew where this was going. I did do that. “Yes,” I said… “but that’s not something we will make a habit of.”

“Well… When you can’t choose one cake, you gets all the cake, Mommy. Dats just how it is.”

Picnic blanket was a gift from @PrimroseAndMadge on Etsy.
This blanket is “Blythe” size. If you are interested, here is a link to her shop.

Alma The Cookie Monster

Alma came hopping down the stairs.

“Mommy, is you baking cookies? Does I smell cookies? Can I has just one now?”

“Dinner’s almost done, Baby, and these need to cool,” I said.

“I is going to play wiff Max, Mommy!” She yelled as she bolted out the door.

“Catch me if you can, MAX! I bet you can’t! I is too fast! I is super star fast!” giggled Alma.

Max jumped up and down. “Woof, woof!” He barked.

“Woof, woof, too, Max!,” said Alma, “You is da bestest fwiend a girl could ever asks for. I woof you, Max!”

They played and played until they both tired out. “You hungry, Max? Got any cookies at your house?”

“Woooooof!” Barked max!

“Okay, lead da way!,” Said Alma!

Alma Makes a Visit

It’d been storming all day, but finally, the storm was over.

The sun was coming out, and the clouds were going away.

The flowers had been watered, and now it was a beautiful, sunny day!

“MAX! MAX! Max, is you home?! Da storm is over, and you can comes out now! Do you wanna’ come over and pway?!” Alma asked.

She leaned down, and knocked on his dog house. “It’s me, Max. It’s Alma! Alma Louise! Come outside! Come outside, and pway wiff me, pwease!”