Alma Homeschools

“MOMMY!,” Alma yelled as she stood up in her chair, “NO talking in class!”


“It’s MISS ALMA to you, Mommy! Today I is da teacher! I is going to learn you something today!”

She handed me a stack of paper…

“What’s this?,” I asked.

“Dis is your work for today. What you nots finish now… You does for homework!”

I looked at the papers… “Alma… This is YOUR homework.”

Alma handed me a pencil, and started to run upstairs…



“Okay, MISS ALMA… Where are you going?!”

“I not has school today. I is da teacher. You is da student. You does da work, and I plays wiff my toys!”

I wanted to give a shoutout to @Designed By JacQs on Etsy. JacQs made these adorable overalls for Alma, and even named an entire collection after her. ❤️ You can find a matching pair in her shop now along with many others. 🥰

Alma Mows The Yard

“MOMMY! MOM….MMMYY!! Come here!!”

“Okay, Alma, I’m coming!”

I stopped gardening, and stood up and brushed off my hands.

“What is it?,” I asked.

“My popper is broken,” said Alma.

“What do you mean?”

She pushed the popper over the grass.


“See… it’s broken.”

“I hear it popping. It’s not broken,” I insisted.

“Yes it is, Mommy! It is broken.”

She ran the popper over the grass again.


“See!!!! When Grumpy pushes his popper over the grass… It pops it down!”

I tried to hold back my laughter as she was very serious.

“Oh… Are you trying to mow the grass?”

“No, Mommy. Not mow. What is mow? I is trying to pop the yard like my Grumpy does!” 😂😂😂😂

Alma Goes To The Grocery Store

The stores are out of everything. Paper towels and toilet paper…Pasta and canned goods…

But Alma found Jelly beans and Mac and Cheese… So she filled the cart.

“Groceries and more groceries…Only the necessities,” Alma smirked.

“Mommy says we won’t be coming out for a while, and everything is closing. She said there is a p-a-n-d-e-m-i-c…Whatever dat is.”

“She’s seemed rather worried over the past few days. She’s always telling me to wash my hands, and she says I is not done until I sings “Happy Birthday” twice, and it’s not even my birthday!”

“She said this is because of Corona… But I doesn’t even drinks beer!”

A NOTE FROM ADVENTURES WITH ALMA: Be safe and remember to wash your hands. ❤️

Alma Makes A Deal

“Give me one good weason that I can’t keep dis bed, Mommy.”

“You’re much too big for this, Alma. You’re a growing girl!”

“I fits perfectly. I really does. Wants to see?”

Alma looked insistently at me. She did NOT want a big girl bed.

“Let’s make a deal, Mommy! If I fits, I gets to keep dis cwib forever!”

“I don’t think that’s a good idea. You might change your mind when you get older.”

“Let’s make a deal, Mommy!”

“Fine. Deal.”

I just knew that I’d win. She’d climb in, and she’d realize she didn’t have much room, and she’d be begging for a big girl bed after all!

Alma climbed in…..

“SEE, Mommy! I TOLDS YOU! I is perfect size for dis cwib!”

“Alma…” I paused as she interrupted.

“A deal is a deal, Mommy. It’s mine forever!… and ever… and…..”

“Alma Louise.” I huffed.

“…Ever.” 😂😂😂

Alma Brings Home a Stray

Mommy let me keep Puppy. I really wuv her, but Max is still unsure. Sometimes he chases her around the house, but a boy chased me around the playground at school, and Mommy said, “That just means he likes you, Alma. Be nice.” So…I thinks that means Max likes Puppy. She did dis weird thing that kind of sounded like a snake when he chased her, so I told her to be nice that he likes her, but I not know if she bought it. Boys is weird.

Puppy does this thing sometimes…Mostly when she’s happy. She sounds like my Nonnie’s big diesel truck. Mommy said that is p-u-r-r-i-n-g. Whatevew dat means. 

I has also learned that she weally likes Stwawbewwy shortcake. I not really wike to share, but Mommy says when you love someone, sometimes you has to make c-o-m-p-r-o-m-i-s-e-s. I not really sure what dat means yet, but I think it means sharing your Stawbewwy Shortcake even if it is the last piece.