Alma Makes A Friend

Every day before we’d go to the park, Alma filled her pockets with treats.

I once asked her why and her response was meek. “Wouldn’t you wike to know?,” She had asked me.

So off we’d go…Her pockets still full of treats.

“Wook, Mommy! I is riding a bunny!” Back and forth…Back and forth…She teetered. And while Alma did love the bunny ride, something else seemed to have her attention.

“Wook, Mommy! It’s my new fwiend. Isn’t she neat?!”

To the left of her feet it sat. It was white, and orange, and a little bit brown. “She is camouflage!,”Alma exclaimed.

“So this is what the treats were for?,” I assumed.

Alma took a bite of one of the treats from her pocket, then handed the other bite to her new friend.

“Duh. Shawing is cawing, Mommy. Can I keeps her and name her Puppy?!”

Blame It On Max

Alma was good at lots of things, but listening was not one. “Don’t go for a walk by yourself, little one,” I had told her many times before.

But Alma knew better and she wasn’t alone after all. She had Max.

So, off they went… for a stroll towards the park, but the sun started to set. It was almost dark… And what was that she heard?

She started to run… “Hurry, MAX! Pick up the pace! I hears Mommy calling! We’re going to be late for dinner and I is blaming YOU!”

Alma Learns a Lesson

“So DIS is where you puts my toys when I gots time out!” Alma stood up with her hands on her hips.

“Alma, the point in putting them there was so that you didn’t find them. When time out is over, you get them back.”

“Time out is over, Mommy,” she huffed and rolled her eyes.

“Who says,” I asked.

“I SAYS! Time out was no fun!”

I couldn’t help but giggle. “It isn’t supposed to be fun. It’s supposed to be a learning experience.”

“I did learns something, Mommy. I learns where you hides my toys!”

Alma Outsmarts Grandma

Alma sat on her suitcase with her arms crossed. “What does you mean that vacation is over, and Grandma has to go home now?”

“Grandma has to go home… back to her house, and we go back to ours. That’s how a vacation works.”

I continued packing our things and loaded them onto the luggage cart, then called for Alma. “Alma… Alma Lou-iiisseee… where are you? It’s time to go.”

“Hang on, Mommy! I’s in here. I is on the phone with customer sewvice… selling Grandma’s stuff on eBay. She’ll has to move in with us then.”