Alma’s Admirer

Alma carefully pulled each present out of the bags, trying not to make too much noise. She was supposed to be in bed, after all. At first she saw something red. Upon pulling it out further, she saw that it was a red heart shaped balloon, and it had the letter ‘A’ in bold lettering. Continue reading “Alma’s Admirer”

Alma Plays In The Puddles

“Mommy! MOMMMM-YYYYY! There’s no more thunder. Da lightning stopped too… Does you know what dat means?!” “What does that mean?” I asked Alma. “It means to grab your rain boots or come in your bare feet! It’s time to go pway in da puddles! Come pway wiff me!” Alma grabbed her rubber ducky, and carriedContinue reading “Alma Plays In The Puddles”